May 22, 2007

Other Careers Part V

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If I hadn’t returned to the U.S., studied for a PhD and become an academic, I might have (in order of ascending importance):

  • Worked in intelligence (U.S. or otherwise)
  • Become a principle partner in a peer to peer and/or disreputable IT firm
  • Been a writer for Saturday Night Live
  • Worked as a Vice President of something or other in the NBA
  • Owned and operated a Belgian bar and restaurant

May 20, 2007

And A Sunday Post

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which is not to say much other than

  • Jenny has to go through a grueling 24 hour labor-fest and included in that a 3 hour pushing fest, and still, after all that, she gets the short end of the deal. My sleep is fine (I’m also used to only sleeping 6 hours a night). But she isn’t getting enough. Soon, the baby’s patterns will probably be more noticeable and sleeping will be better. This baby, luck so far, does not cry (unless you change her). So it’s naps for Jenny as well.
  • To friends who made their way to Detroit this weekend, sorry I could not host you. I hope you had a good time at CW, drank some fine Michigan beer, and ate well.
  • What does one write about after a baby that isn’t just about a baby! I’m sure I’ll be back in form in no time: ranting about a Chronicle piece or WPA-L, posting ideas, thinking aloud about Lost, being the Dr. Fabulous again, posting from the even more Midwest of the Show-Me state. I’ve got a number of writing projects in the works right now, and The Rhetoric of Cool is supposed to be available for your purchasing this week, I believe.
  • And thanks again for all the kind words that have passed our way these days.

May 17, 2007

A Little More of Our Joy

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May 15, 2007

The Final Installment

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Much much thanks for all the kind words here and by email. Jenny’s adventure was a rough one. While she was admitted yesterday morning because her water broke, the membrane had to be ruptured by the midwife later that day and contractions had to be stimulated twice through medications. It was a long night. Only close to midnight did powerful contractions start and they weren’t enough. That period between midnight and six is a haze to me (and I’m sure to Jenny), but at one point I remember two back to back awful episodes of The Jeffersons being on TV. Finally, by about seven this morning, an epidural had to be requested and that helped the dilation process enormously. Then three solid hours of pushing, and voila. A baby. 24 hours total of being in the hospital. Jenny’s exhausted. The baby is swaddled and sleeping right here in the room. Jenny was a real trooper. Very strong. She went through a lot of pain and did a great job.
The midwife, hospital nurses, and doula were amazing. Mt. Nittany is a great place.  The care was, and still is, excellent.


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The Baby Diary Part V

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Vered Magnolia Rice is here. Pics very soon. She was born at 11:30 this morning after a very hard labor for her mother. She is very healthy and pink and has cried and cried.

The Baby Diary Part IV

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It’s been very rough on Jenny. Details soon. But we’re almost there.

May 14, 2007

The Baby Diary Part III

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Good news. No one ate my salad. Except me, of course. Lots of talk about a long process. It’s getting near 8 P.M.

Jenny did a few walk arounds the ward. Gravity needs to do its work. Then its on to the birth ball for some rolling. Most of the ward is empty. We’ve seen a few babies and a lot of empty rooms. That’s good for us. More attention.

Quarter to 9 P.M. Contractions are getting stronger. By 9:30, though, another check will determine where we’re at, and if Jenny will need pitocin.

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