January 16, 2007

The Yellow Dog Winter 2007 TV Viewing Schedule

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Better than following the Nielsens. Your guide to TV viewing habits in a Midwestern household where a cat throws up on the carpet:

  • Playoffs? Playoffs? That’s right. We watch them.
  • 30Rock: Not on a regular basis. But when I catch it, I think: Alec Baldwin is finally funny. “I thought I smelled crazy. I assumed it was you.”
  • The Office. We don’t just start trends. We follow them. Like the rest of mankind, we find this show to be very funny. That’s what she said.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This season: Extra out of control.
  • The local news. We like punishment. Which flavor? Fox or ABC? Either. At some point, someone will report from either the mall or a trash filled gas station parking lot.
  • Rescue Me. Well, it’s on hiatus. But we’ll be watching again soon! They get to say the “b” word! And the “s” word!
  • The Situation Room. Always a situation. And Wolf is so calm. How does he do it? And look how much hair he has! The music is dramatic, images are flashing all over the place, twenty TVs are on at once, Rush Limbaugh has been arrested! Holy amount of news, Batman! But Wolf, he is the man. He knows the situation.

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