November 20, 2007

Snark Round Up

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This is too neurotic for me.

In other news…. ran a piece on Drexel’s multimedia writing courses that sounded like what we were doing at UF back in the ’90s. No, wait. It’s something we still do every semester. Glad to see you catch up, Drexel. And glad to see InsideHigherEd on top of new stuff – as always. They don’t miss a hack cliche: “Extra, extra, students can write online. Some think it’s good; some think it’s bad.”

Our favorite disciplinary punching bag feels more irrelevant than ever. A thread called “Death of Email”? Hmmm. Sounds like some self-reflection is needed. Or recognition of the irony.

This perpetual Chronicle writer calls those who use Blackboard “forward thinking.” Huh? In the end, he reaches the profound conclusion that Blackboard is good for course management, not class discussion. Wow. And they pay these guys $500 a pop to write such “insightful” commentary? Where do I sign up? I can churn one of these out every day. $500 is my online beer ordering bill, easily. How about a piece where I describe putting a lot of effort into designing interesting assignments and getting…..interesting work in return? How about it, Chronicle editors?

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  1. that was a riot :)

    Comment by bonnie kyburz — November 25, 2007 @ 10:53 am

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