January 30, 2008

Heathcliff Says What?

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Can someone explain this Heathcliff to me? Now, I know Heathcliff is the poor man’s Garfield, but this panel makes less sense than most Heathcliffs. First of all, why is the Fine Wines guy wearing an apron? Is there a deli in that wine shop? Normally, cooking is not a characteristic of fine wine retail.  Second of all, what the hell is Heathcliff doing? Putting salt on the math homework? Seems to me George Gately has grossly misunderstood the joke about the dog eating one’s homework. “I’m sorry, teacher, but my cat ate my homework” just doesn’t cut it. I’m a teacher. I wouldn’t buy that excuse for a second. This panel might have worked had Gately placed Heathcliff in a bistro. Drunk, surrounded by babes, his speech slurred, a piece of paper on the table, Heathcliff would then turn to the little boy (perched up in a high chair with a bib around his neck) and ask, “Remind me (hic) again…what kind of wine (hic) goes with math homework?”

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