June 1, 2006

Daily Keywords

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The News: Local Fox News station broadcasts an “exclusive” story on the new Ikea store set to open next week in Canton. Exclusive? The reporter marvels over the lamps and kiddie beds one can buy. Journalism is advertising. Or plagiarism. But that is another keyword for another day.

Orchard: Part of the name of a road we drove down today. While in the suburban area known for its “suburbanicity”- one stretch of the road – we stop off at Whole Foods. Outside of the one in Austin, every Whole Foods feels less-yuppie adequate. Each Whole Foods has the bins of nuts and granolas, the over-priced produce, the half-decent beer and wine selection, the cheeses sitting out in pretty displays. But after the grandness of Austin and the overwhelming food shopping sensations that specific Texas Whole Foods generates through its underground parking garage, several places to eat, walk in beer area, etc., one feels yuppie, but less yuppie in any other Whole Foods.

Blog: The meta-talk which surrounds blogging never ends, but I still feel strangely mystified by a writing teacher expressing shock or profound curiosity over the concept. At the RSA dinner Friday night, I heard one such teacher repeat the gesture: “Writing? Online? Why?” Indeed why. Why write at all? Why teach writing then? Why ask anyone to write anything at any time at any moment? Isn’t blogging, then, just a metaphor for pedagogical futility? Isn’t blogging, then, the perfect metaphor for composition studies?


  1. Keyword:

    Comment by PU — June 1, 2006 @ 9:02 pm

  2. I got news for the Edward R. Murroughs over at Fox 2. Based on the three billboards I pass on my way to Dearborn, the sides of city buses this week, a couple front-page Free Press stories, and radio saturation on 97.1, I’m not quite sure you’ve got an ‘exclusive’ on your hands.

    Comment by Bill — June 2, 2006 @ 12:24 pm

  3. There was an ENORMOUS write-up in the Ann Arbor paper yesterday about the new Ikea store, complete with a three-line front-page headline. I like Ikea and am glad it is coming to the area; I used to go to the one outside DC on a somewhat regular basis when I lived in Virginia. But I think I’ll wait a few months for the hoopla to die down a tad….

    Comment by Steve Krause — June 2, 2006 @ 12:27 pm

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